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HCB Online

Bank anytime 24 hours a day, world wide


HCB Online Banking is easy, convenient and secure. Whether you are at home, the office, on vacation or on a business trip, HCB’s online facility gives you access to 24-hour banking.Join our other customers already banking online, and benefit from:

Convenience – Pay your bills, check your balances, and transfer to and from your own HCB accounts, all from the convenience of your home or office.

Peace of mind – We use the latest encryption technology to ensure your account information is protected at all times.

Easy registration – Simply ask your relationship manager for web banking at the time of opening your account. No additional forms to fill or sign. If you are already a customer and do not have online banking, simply call your branch and the relationship manager will help you register.


Looking for on-the-go banking? You can do your banking, anywhere, anytime with the new HBZ Mobile Banking app.
Simply download the HBZ app to your phone or tablet and you are set for mobile banking.

Receive your statement of accounts
via secure email.
Account History
View & download real-time account
history in either Excel /XML.
Authenticated Swift Messages
View authenticated swift
(remittance) message



In order to further enhance security while logging onto HCBweb a “challenge” code has been introduced. A dynamically generated 5-digit challenge embedded in a graphic background is displayed whenever the HCB web login screen appears on a user’s browser.

In addition to the Login ID, password and the optional secure key, the use has to enter the challenge digits displayed in the specified field. This feature enhances security as the challenge image is only visible to human eyes and given it refreshes every time the login screen appears, it prevents automated processes from guessing HCBweb passwords.

HBZsecure Key is a unique security feature, developed by HCB that works in combination with existing HCBweb banking User Names and Passwords.

It is a security key, provided on a Compact Disk (CD). Each CD is specially configured for the customer account with a Very Long Variable Password (VLVP). Once a client has this proprietary “Key”, they can access their accounts and make real time transfers, access other services, etc. from any computer that has Internet access.

An authentication process called HCBotp (One Time Password) for its HCBsecure Key users was introduced in order to further enhance security for HCBweb transactions.

Every HCBweb subscriber currently using a HCBsecure Key must register either their mobile number or email ID. Upon logging-in with the HCBsecure Key, a “one time password” (HCBotp) is sent via SMS, email or both depending upon the subscription selection, for each session login.

Each SMS or email will contain an OTP as well as a reference number for the individual session and will also be displayed on the screen. This will allow the user to match the OTP with the correct session. Each OTP will be valid for 5 minutes only.

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