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We at Habib Canadian Bank, pride ourselves on our personalized relationship with our customers, shareholders, and community. This relationship has led us to understand areas where we feel we can have the biggest impact on social, economic, and cultural aspects of Canada. In the 19-years of Canadian operations we listened and learned about the personal challenges and opportunities we all face together as a society so that we can give as much as we can back to our community while also delivering returns to our shareholders.

Habib Canadian Bank is committed to be a leading example for all organizations in the Canadian business landscape by making a difference in areas like Economic Development & Cultural Inclusion, Humanitarian & Wellness, and Young People Development.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives are as follows:

Economic Development & Cultural Inclusion

Economic Development & Cultural Inclusion:Canada has a culture which is multi-cultural, and we aim at bringing more cultural inclusion in the economic development of our economy.

  • World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities (Nasimco): Charity for providing Aid deployment and alleviating poverty.
  • The Canadian Jaffari Muslim Foundation: Charity for Muslim Community Centers and Programs.
  • Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto: Charity for Muslim Community Centers and Programs.
  • Sajjadiyya Trust: Charity for feeding the poor during Ramadhaan.
  • Bani Hashim Society: Charity for Islamic center catering to religious, cultural, and social needs of Muslims.
  • Canadian Pakistan Business Council (CPBC): Annual Gala table.
  • Canadian Indian Foundation (CIF): Annual Global Indian Award table.
  • Aga-Khan Foundation: Qawalli Night, table sponsorship for World Partnership Walk.
Humanitarian & Wellness

Canada is one of the best countries to live in world. Our mission is to make it the best country to live in in the world.

  • The Scarborough Hospital Foundation: Charity for integrated Cancer Care.
  • Mississauga Food Bank: Charity for local food bank fighting hunger.
  • Dixie Bloor Neighborhood Centre - Family Sponsorship: Charity for providing donations to neighborhood families in need.
  • Yonge Street Mission: Charity for helping homeless and seniors with meals and support.
  • Heart House Hospice: Charity for delivering palliative care supports to the families.
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation: Charity for funding cancer research.
  • Arthritis Society: Leading charitable funder of arthritis research.
  • Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Canada: Charity for Humanitarian agency providing individual and community development and disaster relief.
  • St. Michael's Foundation: Charity for critical care hospital.
  • Covenant House: Charity for homeless youth agency and shelter.
  • Interval House: Charity for women's shelter for abused women and their children.
  • CAMH Foundation: Charity for Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
  • AGA Khan Foundation: Charity for World Partnership Walk - to end global poverty.
  • The Scott Mission: Support for hungry and homeless.
  • Les Apotres De Lamour Infini: Charity supporting needy in poor countries.
  • International Development Relief Foundation (IDRF): Gala Sponsorship
  • The Citizens Foundation Canada: Gala and Fundraiser table
  • Madnetism Arts Inc: Sponsorship for Musical Concert
  • Indus Development Foundation: Fundraising Dinner table
Young People Development

Children and youth need a whole system that supports them throughout their early lives right through to the transition to adulthood, including their family, educational opportunities, peers and mentors.

  • AS Sadiq Islamic School: Charity for the mission of achieving excellence in education
  • The Darling Home for Kids: Charity for Children's Hospice/Respite Centre
  • SOS Children's Villages: Charity for building families and futures for orphaned and abandoned children
  • Plan International: Charity for promotes and protects child’s rights and fights poverty
  • UNICEF: Charity for humanitarian organization committed to save children's lives around the world
  • Al Umeed Rehabilitation Association (AURA): Charity for rehabilitation and support for children with cerebral palsy
  • Sick Kids Foundation: Charity for specialized care for sick children
  • Camp Oochigeas for Children with Cancer: Charity for Camp for children with cancer
  • Peel Children's Centre: Charity for children's mental health treatment organization

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