We are always on the lookout
for talented people.

You can become a part of our team if you are ambitious and passionate. You will be rewarded with an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment based on HCB’s values.  HCB’s recruitment policy and processes ensure that candidates are provided with equal opportunities to secure a position within the bank, provided they meet the bank’s stated criteria on candidate selection.

Are you driven, hard working and want to make a difference? You can become a part of our team and help support our mission to develop and deliver solutions that help our clients simplify, manage and maximize their banking needs.


Why work with Habib Canadian Bank?

Amazing Team

We are a group of dedicated and caring individuals. We at HCB we are a family and that is one of the reasons why our employees love to work here!


We believe that everyone should be proud of who they are. We foster an environment that revolves around inclusion as it is a way to make our business better by working with different individuals.

Growth Opportunity

We care about your future and your success! Get the real- world experience you need to develop your skills and create long lasting connections.

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Student Internship Program

Take a step in the right direction towards a more meaningful career path and join a hard working team that continuously works towards offering our clients the best service!

Get the right mentor

Here at HCB, you will have the opportunity to work directly with some of our managers and vice presidents on various projects. Get the opportunity to learn from executive members of the Bank!

Variety of tasks

Working with us, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with the possibility to get exposure to multiple areas of the Bank.

Make an impact

Working for HCB, everything you do is important and has an impact. You will be able to work on projects that will directly benefit our clients!

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Past Students Intern Testimonials


Project Management & Sales Strategy Innovation Intern

I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned numerous things from this experience. One of the most fascinating aspects was to get an inside look at some of the financial products offered by banks to consumers and how they are structured internally.


Human Resource Intern

This experience has given me the opportunity to work on several projects which was a combination of both marketing and HR-related tasks. I worked with an HR manager, interns, and other employees to aid in completing my tasks. I was able to strengthen my organizational, collaboration, communication and technical skills through this experience. I took more initiative to accomplish tasks assigned.


Digital Marketing & Strategy Intern

This internship has given me the opportunity to strengthen my social media marketing skills and impact change on a global scale. My biggest take away from this internship has been learning about how important it is for a brand's digital marketing strategy to be aligned worldwide.


Process Improvement Intern

My biggest takeaway during my internship was the strong team and organizational structure. My supervisor encouraged me to take initiative on a number of projects. Their passion for compliance empowered me to strive for excellence in every task assigned to me.


Process Improvement & Innovation Intern

I realized how building trust with customers, vendors, your team, whoever it may be, is very essential in terms of moving things forward and before you know it you come up with great ideas and start taking initiative.


Business Development Intern

One of the biggest takeaways from this internship was how to interact with others through a virtual interface. Connecting with clients through the phone and completing tasks online was a very unique but fun and valuable experience.


BIIC & Risk Intern

Throughout my summer internship at HCB, I was given the opportunity to learn about the banking industry from the risk management perspective. I was able to gain knowledge about the operational risk framework that reflects OSFI's requirements; As well as improving soft and communication skills by networking and observing members of the bank. I'm really grateful for this experience and for my manager for being such a great leader and mentor, as he guided us through this journey and gave us informative feedback.


Credit Intern

My experience at Habib Canadian Bank as a Credit Intern has been invaluable. With such a collaborative work environment, everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and gain extensive knowledge of the Banking industry. I can confidently say that this internship has made me a more focused and perceptive individual ready to take on any challenge life throws at me.


HR Intern

My time working at Habib Canadian Bank as an HR Intern has been a great experience. I was able to learn about many HR concepts such as recruitment, learning and development, and performance management, to name a few. I was also able to improve on my technical and soft skills. My manager has also been a great mentor, who always made sure that I was getting the most out of this internship.


BIIC & Risk Intern

Working atHCB has been a great learning experience. As a Risk and BIIC Intern, not only has this opportunity taught me technical skills, but working with an experienced, helpful team has taught me many soft skills which has assisted me with my professional development and communication skills. I am happy to say after completing 4 months at HCB, thanks to my manager/mentor, I have gained a great deal of confidence and experience I may have not gotten elsewhere.


Operations Intern

This internship allowed me to experience how the corporate and the real world works.Working at HCB allowed me to work with multiple departments everyday, and I learned something new every day. My manager and colleagues helped me out professionally and personally. I was able to strengthen my transferable skills as well as my knowledge of the banking industry and the back-end of how a bank operates. This opportunity has also opened doors for me in the banking industry which I am forever grateful for.


Compliance Intern

Through my internship experience at Habib Canadian Bank I have had several opportunities to put my soft skills to the test with the projects and assignments that were given to me. Overall being a compliance intern was a great learning experience and one I will never forget to kickstart my career in the financial/banking industry. This experience gave me an in-depth knowledge on the different banking services HCB provides and the policies and procedures involved to execute the services provided.


Branch Intern

My time at the Habib Canadian Bank allowed me to develop my communication, collaboration and interpersonal skills which are all very valuable transferable skills. The team was so receptive and made learning about and working through the different processes of the bank extremely enjoyable and informative. This experience has helped me grow a lot and I am eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity!


Marketing Intern

Working atHCB has been a great learning experience. As a Financial Services Intern I have learned many valuable technical skills along with working in a team environment which helped me build and develop communication skills. I am grateful to say that after being at Habib Canadian Bank for the past year, I have been able to experience many different aspects of the corporate/banking world.


Trade Finance Intern

My college studies required me to complete an internship, and Habib Canadian Bank gave me the chance to do so. The internship I was given was a fantastic addition to the subjects I was studying in school. I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position in Trade Finance where I had an internship after I graduated, and I have remained with that company ever since. Working with extraordinary team members who gave me plenty to learn.


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