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Celebrating 20 Years in Canada

Habib Canadian Bank is proud to be celebrating 20 years of service in Canada! We thank all of our clients, staff and partners for their dedication, hard work and continued support!


This year marks a very special year for Habib Canadian Bank, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary!  

20 years ago, when we made our first appearance in Mississauga, we were a small division representing our parent company HBZ. We now have a strong team of hardworking individuals  spread across 3 branches, working each and every day to provide our clients with the best service we can offer.  

This year, we are entering a new chapter. Our vision has always been to be the most respected financial institution based on trust, service and commitment, and I am very optimistic that we will continue to strive for this.  

Thank you to all of our employees, every single one of our clients, and each and every one of our partners and vendors. We look forward to celebrating  this milestone with all of you throughout the year and many more milestones to come.  

Here’s to another incredible 20 years! 

Muslim Hassan 
President & CEO 


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Stay tuned for celebrations and special offers over the next few months to commemorate this incredible milestone.

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